$1,000 a month per site! 7 hours total per site how many would you setup?

February 28, 2012

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Value: $17


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$1,000 a month per site! 7 hours total per site how many would you setup?

I’ve gone through all the video’s and this is very actionable and I’m very much looking forward to gving this a go. I’d rate this as one of the best opportunities for the right person. I have bought over 60 WSO’s and I’d rate this on par with another great WSO on here which puts money in my bank account each month. Like the other main WSO I run with, this will take work (7 hours as suggested) but the idea is scaleable and you would never run out of opportunities.

I completely understand the comments about ‘tricky for newbies’, ‘could have more information or a more complete PDF’ etc but you have the back up support right there at your finger tips. Just shoot through an email and get your answers.the first 2 videos are perfect and the next 3 videos do run through things quickly but you do have a pause button and support, so everyone should be good to go.

I have 10 complete PLR products I’ve been reluctant to promote because its seems odd to me to be selling something that everyone else will be selling. This WSO has provided the ideas, tools and strategies to get moving with those plus my own actual products. For me, this WSO has been well worth the $17. I’ll be scheduling in time to follow this system.

If you decide to jump on board this WSO I wish you luck and be sure to take action.

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