10 Amazing Books You Must Read Before You Die

10 Amazing Books You Must Read Before You Die

Top 10 books you won’t be able to put down. Bright Side has brought you a list of 10 of the most extraordinary must-read books that will definitely change your life! Ready, set, read!

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Would you consider yourself a bookworm? If so, great! If not, you probably just haven’t found the right book yet, one that pulls you into its pages, doesn’t let go, and simply gets you hooked on reading. In any case, you’ll definitely want to check out these 10 enthralling page-turners!
It’s time to get your hands on one of these books and delve into the unbelievable world of reading. As Stephen King said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Stefan Zweig — Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman 0:44
Joanne Harris — Five Quarters of the Orange 1:21
Winston Groom — Forrest Gump 2:29
Arthur Hailey — Airport 3:25
Boris and Arkady Strugatsky — Monday Begins on Saturday 4:23
Sébastien Japrisot — The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun 5:04
Guy de Maupassant — Bel Ami 5:35
Janusz Wiśniewski (I practiced that) — Loneliness on the Net 6:34
Gabriel García Márquez — Love in the Time of Cholera 7:18
David Mitchell — Cloud Atlas 8:01

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