10+ Outdoor & Nature Job Ideas with NO degree!

10+ Outdoor & Nature Job Ideas with NO degree!

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Let’s talk about 10+ outdoor and nature job ideas and careers that you can get with NO degree or experience only! These jobs are great for folks that love working outside, love the planet and environmental science!

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Jobs Mentioned:
Wildlife & Fisheries Tour Guide – 02:18
Conservation Corps – 03:17
Fish and Wildlife Warden, Officer – 04:17
Invasive Species Technicians – 04:58
Spill Prevention/Response Officers & Technicians – 05:47
Wildlife Photography & Videography – 06:48
Forestry Technician – 07:48
Wildlife Guardian/Human-Wildlife Conflict Techs – 08:22
Wildland Firefighter – 09:11
Agriculture Sector Jobs – 10:03

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