20 Tips for Publishing Your Adventure

20 Tips for Publishing Your Adventure

With the rise of Community Content programs and Crowdfunding, many Game Masters are publishing some of their own TTRPG scenarios. Here are 20 tips to help make your published module stand out and not suck.
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00:00 Intro
03:32 A Module is a Recipe
04:05 Terms and Phrasing
06:58 Bullet Points and Side bars
08:28 Page References
09:11 Using Non-Corebooks
11:16 Full Disclosure
12:56 The Adventure Intro
13:51 Backstory
14:12 Timeline of Events
14:49 Dramatis Personae
15:35 Introducing the PCs
17:01 Offer Tips and Alternatives
18:24 Never Assume the Players Actions
20:11 Playtest
20:57 Pass it to Another GM
21:57 Get an Editor
24:13 Subject Matter and IP
24:36 Using Real-World Locations
26:55 Keep Read-Alouds Short
27:45 Handout Transcripts
28:46 An Ugly Map is Better than None
30:20 GM vs Player Maps
30:52 Put the Map Numbers in the Location Descriptions
32:03 Hire an Artist
32:28 Closing Thoughts

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