5 Fantasy Worlds that would make great MMO's

5 Fantasy Worlds that would make great MMO's

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Remember, we’re not talking about the gameplay of the original games, just the fictional worlds they’re set in.

From Nosgoth to Hoenn, The eye of terror to Hyrule, there are some fantastic fictional worlds out there, with the scope to become amazing MMOs.

These games have the history, the lore and the characters already established to make great settings for an online adventure game.

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find yourself in this town. You get some help from somebody when you
occasionally find some clues as to what is going on. Then you meet a
ghost of a girl trapped in this middle realm. She guides too. So step by
the step you learn what had happened. It is good that the story is not
told ring in the beginning of the game.

will play a lot of hidden object levels. They are fun for several
reasons. For one, the items belong to a location. There isn’t too much
of clutter from nowadays.

thing that I enjoyed was that some of the items, sometimes half of
them, take you to interact with some other items. That is not new, but
it’s usually one or two items like that, not half of them. That added
more challenge to that.

then there are also mini-games. Those are different brain teasers, that
are a nice change. And the greatest thing in this game is the graphics
and soundtrack. Those are top quality audio-visuals. If you are anything
like mePsychology Articles, you will appreciate how much that adds to the general
atmosphere of the game.