5 Historical Mystery Series I Want to Start Reading

5 Historical Mystery Series I Want to Start Reading

5 Historical Mystery Series that I want to start reading! 🤓

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Mel @Mel’s Bookland Adventures: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyooWkAk5PyjfY-ksJtv5g

Robert @Barter Hordes: https://www.youtube.com/user/rsheard

Kate @The Novel Nomad: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4TwFXobxwAxS-r5_CwtoLQ

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As the title of the article suggests, historical fiction is generally a mix of fact with embellishments which add interest or excitement to the story. Sometimes it’s a completely fictional story of a historical fact but with a different edge. Historical fiction attracts readers who probably don’t read historical facts and it adds a much more interesting edge to facts and figures. Writing historical fiction isn’t as hard as it sounds. Read on…..

You firstly need to select your historical fact, event or person and it really needs to be something you yourself are already interest in. If you are interested in finding out more you are more likely to be able to delve into your own imagination and create a fictional side to the events which will mere add to the historical facts. Add your own emotions to the story, keep it real. By adding real emotions to a historical fact you bring a human interest side to it. It may be as dramatic as a war but as we all know this is an extremely emotional time, so adding emotions in crucial.

When you have decided on your story and have your idea of how you want it to unfold, you should start writing! Start with the crux of your story and write around it – how does the situation leading up to that point unfold. Express the emotions of your characters. The main part of your story has already been written – you just need to add extra characters, the emotions and your take on how the story should continue. Historical writing requires a great amount of creativity but it is there for the taking.

Remember the historical fact you are writing about – you will need to consider the charactersScience Articles, the event and especially the time period you are writing in. You will need to continue the importance of all these points throughout the whole of your story and keep your book alive.