6 Travel Books To Read During Isolation To Cure Your Wanderlust 📚✈️

6 Travel Books To Read During Isolation To Cure Your Wanderlust 📚✈️

Are you currently in isolation due to COVID-19? or are you from the future and you’re waiting for your next travel adventure or holiday? Read these great books to cure your wanderlust while you can’t travel!

⇢ ✿ The Stationery Shop of Tehran – https://amzn.to/2ZBS3Y6
⇢ ✿ The Island – https://amzn.to/2zYXmX9
⇢ ✿ The Salt Path – https://amzn.to/3eaLEqV
⇢ ✿ Lone Rider – https://amzn.to/3gkcCi2
⇢ ✿ Shantaram – https://amzn.to/2Zq41Em
⇢ ✿ Wild – https://amzn.to/2LS2dfd

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Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a part-time traveller and vlogger creating Youtube videos about budget, foodie and solo female travel to show anyone how they can also travel the world without spending loads of money or having friends to travel with! Besides having a Youtube channel, I created a blog: wanderlauren.co.uk to provide helpful travel tips and resources!

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All you need to know about a specific destination is available on the net. All you have to do is to type in Google its name and that’s it!The problem is the “Pollution” of travel websites with multiple sources of information that could confuse you by providing the same info in different ways.With this professional step by step process, you will be able to search, compare and choose your next adventure experience easily and quickly.The key elements to consider are:1. Define what type of activity to practice2. Where practice the activity3. Find detailed info on that destination4. Join together the info and plan the trip5. Choose a good service providers1. The first thing to consider is to define what activity you want to do.Adventure travels require a better definition of these element because you have to consider:* The availability in that location* Verify your physical preparation* Know all the risks * Practice it in the right seasonThe main activities considered “Adventurous” are:Outdoor activities: * Hiking or Trekking * Mountain biking* Backpacking* Winter sportsThere are also other “less risky” activities like Bird watching; scuba diving and ecotourism in general. 2. The second step is to choose a great destination where practice your activity.If You don’t have in mind exactly where to go, you should use some tips and suggestions from:* Your friends, family or social network.* A travel agent* Travel websites or blogs* Google* Travel 2.0 websites (A facebook like website with social communities and support groups)3. Now you know what to do and where to do it…let’s go find detailed info to build your trip plan.This is the part of the game where find real time info about: Communications; Transfers; Documents; Health and Safety; WeatherThe best sources of information are:* Search engines (Type the name of the destination + travel guide) * Magazines, guide books* Travel blogs * Review sites like Tripadvisor* Video trips from Youtube* Pictures from Flickr* Forum and message boards to read the experiences of other people that have visited your next destination.4. Another little step and the game is done!Now you need to coordinate the facilities and services to arrive in your destinations.So search for flights, buy the right insurance and pack the right gear.Be sure to pack at least these:    * Bathing suit    * Batteries    * Boots    * Bug repellent    * Camera    * Rain poncho    * Shorts    * Socks    * Sun glasses    * Torch5. If you travel in remote destinations (where exactly the adventure is), it’s better to contact a local tour operator.To choose the best, just look at these aspects:    * Read their trip dossier    * Verify their environment standards    * Evaluate their customer service    * Read their safety policy    * Search for negative reviews on the netOnce you have finished your trip planning…put batteries in your camera, train your legs and enjoy your next vacation!

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