A Beginner's Guide To Digital Comics! (2021) | Which App Is Best?

A Beginner's Guide To Digital Comics! (2021) | Which App Is Best?

Digital Comics are quickly becoming the most accessible option for new readers, but with Marvel, DC Comics, Comixology, and Amazon having their own apps, what’s the best for a new reader? I cover this and more in this Digital Comics 101, where all your questions about the medium are answered! (As long as by all, we mean a question I covered in this video!)

We need new readers for this community to continue. So I hope this helps at least one person find a way to enjoy the hobby.

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Watch this video for: A guide to digital comics, I want to start reading digital comics, where to begin, how can I read digital comic books

00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Apps/Subscriptions
04:30 – Formats
05:25 – How To Stretch That Spine
05:34 – Physical Vs Digital: Dawn Of Justice
07:53 – Pros And Cons

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