A short biography on Jack London

A short biography on Jack London



It is difficult to understand but even the healthiest of people don’t live forever. Jack LaLanne was a revolutionary in the area of using diet and exercise to improve health. Even before it was in vogue Jack was pumping iron, eating his veggies, and boasting about a health that comes from taking care of your body. Although, in the end his outcome was just the same as that of other Americans there is a lot to be learned about his 96 very healthy years spent on this earth. He is survived by his wife Elaine of 51 years who not only notes her loss of her dear husband but the loss of an American icon as well.The entire life span of Jack LaLanne was for the most part, healthy. His quest for health began in his teen years and continues until his death. When he was 94 years young, he sailed through heart valve surgery. The transformation Jack witnessed in his teen years only fueled his enthusiasm for health and life and this passion was passed on to anyone who would listen and it transformed their lives as well. Jack, at 96, was remarkable, being muscular and fit even at that age; something the world isn’t used to seeing.Some of his physical feats were amazing to say the least. At age 43, 1000 push ups were nothing in 23 minutes that was televised. At age 60, after being hand cuffed pulling a boat and shackled he swam the waters of Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. He later at age 70 repeated this performance at the Long Beach Harbor.Jack, throughout his life wore many hats, one of which was host of his own Fitness TV show. Other hats included the creation of a chain of fitness stores and creating and developing his very own power juicer. His passion and encouragement about anything fitness, health, exercise and a healthy diet was legendary.Among the many credits that belong to Jack LaLanne include the countries first recognizable international health promoter and had a very positive impact on American culture. He helped make living rooms workout friendly and made it possibly for anyone regardless of economic factors to enjoy regular workouts. Being the legend that he has become, he will be missed by family and friends alike, in addition to the millions worldwide who now enjoy great health because of his vision and insight.

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