Some “advanced” fantasy books that might not be the best books for fantasy newbies, but are great if you want to dive into the deep end 🙂

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If you want to win money playing fantasy sports, selecting the right
site to play at is a huge factor. The rake and overall game structures
vary from site to site. There are sites that are friendlier to new
players, while there are others that are friendlier to sharks. No matter
how good you are at daily fantasy baseball,
site selection can have a huge impact on your ROI. So, here are a few
guidelines to follow in helping you select the best site to play your daily fantasy baseball games.

• Rake

The rake is taken directly from your winnings, so playing in a low rake
setting can only increase your winnings and return of investment. The
typical rake is 10-20% in the daily fantasy sports industry.

• League Structures

The daily fantasy baseball site must have the widest variety of league
structures possible in the industry. If you have an edge in picking
scrubs, or picking stars the fantasy site must have the cap structure
that will let you take advantage. It should also have the fastest and
easiest automated draft possible for those who don’t like to share
players for the day. Moreover, the individual player cap values should
be transparent. For performance-based caps, they should be exactly
proportional to the average fantasy points a player earns per game. For
salary-based caps, it would be good to have the player’s actual salary
per game. Other sites use complicated formulas that you would need a PhD
to understand. The last thing you want to do in playing daily fantasy
baseball is to try to adjust for bad player cap values. Bad player cap
values also tend to take the skill out of the game, and make it more of a

• Overlays and Guarantees

The prizes offered at fantasy sports sites should all be guaranteed, and
all multi-player leagues can pay an overlay. Overlays are when the site
is paying out more than they are taking in for the league. This is
money in the bank for the profitable daily fantasy sports player, and
those in the know are all over them. There are some sites that prohibit
overlays in their rules. This means that the prizes are not really
guaranteed, because they will not run a league unless the sites are
guaranteed to make money. Awesome sites should value customers and
should not let them waste valuable time entering a league that may or
may not run. So anytime two or more players want to compete to make the
fantasy baseball league skill-based, the prizes should be paid out as

• New Player or Shark-Friendly

The ideal fantasy sports site should be new player-friendly, which tends
to lower the quality of competition. Most competing sites are
shark-friendly, which tends to raise the level of competition. I will
not go into detail as to why, but I will say that it is easier to win
money in daily fantasy sports from a new player than a shark.

• League Traffic

A good fantasy sports site should have a large traffic base and should
have at least a convincing tenure in operation. Most competing sites are
pretty light on traffic, lowering your chances for getting the match-up
you are interested in.

These are the most important site selection factors for profiting at
fantasy sports, and there are quite a few that meet every single

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