Adventure Genre

Adventure Genre

A group project for Film Theory class at iACADEMY, with the purpose of explaining what makes the Adventure genre what it is.

It discusses Genre, Theme, Characters, Iconography, Mood, and Cinematic Style, while using the films Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Moana, and Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring as examples. Instead of comparing the differences of the three films, this video discusses their similarities.

script and audio by Alex Alcasid
animation by Rogerto Ollodo III and Mark Brian Gill


How you define an adventurous movie depends on various factors.Many thriller or action movies can be considered to be falling in this genre as they can entertain the audience and can work as a complete fun package. They are considered to be the best stress busters and a good way to get rid of the dull and monotonous life one might be living. Moreover, these movies are loved by people of all age groups and tastes. Everyone has his or her own list of favourites that surely contains one or more adventure movies. Most of the old movies were based on a romantic theme but soon they started experimenting with the stories to generate more interest in the audience and this gave birth to adventure movies. They have been popular since the era of 1930’s and 1940’s when Captain Blood and Zorro fascinated the audience with their brave and venturous stories. Since then, there have been numerous releases by the filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Raoul Walsh and Peter Jackson who are now considered far-famed for their work. Adventurous movies make you excited and keep you at the edge of your seats while you enjoy the breath taking stunts and escapades. This adds more enthusiasm in your life and gives you a chance to live the exhilaration and forget all your worries. Such activity is also good for your health as it gives you a break from your daily life and allows you to explore the imaginative world being portrayed in the movie.The domain of adventure movies is not limited to action or thriller movies and may contain disaster, comedy, exploration, time travel, treasure hunt or epics. Most of them would be featuring an action hero or may be about some pirates, outlaws, knights or other rebellions. The story might be connected to the real world by stating facts like social injustice and maybe working around the theme to leave a positive impact at the end. The most important part of an adventure movie is considered to be the battle, where the heroic acts are depicted with the help of special effects and other techniques. Some of the well known movies that you may like include the Star Wars episodes which are based on a totally fictitious story about some out of the world characters and their wars in some galaxy far-far away. Another set of movies that fall in this category and is quite famous is the Pirates of Caribbean series. It is about the explorations of Captain Jack Sparrow and his mates who are all interesting characters fighting and creating comedy at the same time. The most recent version of this series is called ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ in which the captain is accompanied by Barbossa and is in search for the fountain of youth. Some other adventure movies to name would be The Black Pirate, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The Prisoner of Zenda and Harry Potter Series.

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To get rid of all dullness of life and to regain the energy Adventure Movies work like a tonic to our body. What we watch, we feel it too. Best Adventure Movies are now highly liked by all type of audience. It brings thunder in life when we experience it.