Adventure Time Review: S8E10 – The Music Hole

Adventure Time Review: S8E10 – The Music Hole

Finn’s lingering emotions over Finn Sword catch up to him and trap him in a slump, so his friends try to cheer him up with the power of music. But making a new friend with a thousand year old Music Hole who sings her own song of sorrow is what allows Finn to move on from his own sadness.

And hey everyone, obviously I’m back from vacation and I had a blast! Apologies for the delay with videos, but I’ve actually had such a good time it led me to reconsider various aspects of my own life and also left me in a bit of a post-vacation slump where my efficiency and ability to focus have been at an all-time low.

I’ll be working on churning out more videos best I can though, with a review of “Daddy Daughter Card Wars” already in mid-production. However, the jam-packed Summer of Steven scheduling will make episode by episode reviews for Steven Universe practically impossible (at least for the time being – I will probably do a retrospective on the whole event when it’s over). On the other hand, I may finally start trying to catch up with the Adventure Time videos that have been backlogged for ages. Who knows really!?

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