Alba – Open World Adventure Book – Kickstarter Critique #68 *Adult open world book*

Alba – Open World Adventure Book – Kickstarter Critique #68 *Adult open world book*

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Business Opportunity for Graphic Designers
by Mohd Fairuz

As a graphic designer, you are sitting on a gold mine. You
have a skill other people do not have, and you can use that
skill to earn a good living.

But, it’s very sad to see most experts in graphic design
work for others.

It’s time for a change!

Let me tell you a secret.

With the power of Internet, you can start an online
business, and make as much money as you can, without having
to quit your day job.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional designers,
or just a normal graphic application user, you can tap into
a very lucrative graphic design business you can run from
your home.

No, I’m not talking about creating a complicated design for
big companies. I’m talking about a very simple design you
can do in just 30 minutes and charge business owner between
$40 – $90 (or more) per job. You’ll be amazed to discover
that you’re going to do a very simple project, which is
very high in demand.

What business am I talking about?


How to start an online business in virtual product cover

Here are some facts you should know:

1. Internet has enabled many people to start their own
online businessess. And among the hottest products & the
easiest to sell is information product. Everybody needs
information, and people are willing to purchase if it can
solve their problem.

2. Besides information product, software is among the
hottest products to sell. No wonder the richest man on the
earth is selling software!

3. In order for these kinds of products to sell well on the
Internet, 3D virtual representations are needed for the
customers to see before buying them.

As a graphic designer, you can provide your service to
these business owners by creating virtual covers for their
products. Examples for these covers are e-book cover,
software box cover, CD covers, e-zine cover & newsletter

You can charge between $40 – $90 for 1 design. Imagine how
much money can you make simply by designing these covers?

Here’s an idea how you can add value to your service and
charge more:

Besides designing product cover, you can also design
matching website header, footer, background image, and
order button.

A typical website selling ebook has the following graphics:

– matching header graphic

– product cover

– order button

– matching footer graphic

This is considered a complete project. You can charge
between $90 to $150 for a project.

Who is going to be your customer?

It’s obvious. Every marketer who sell information product
owners may become your clients. It doesn’t matter whether
the products they offer are for sale, or just to give away,
they’ll need virtual covers for the products.

How & where to find the customers?

Here are some ways you can follow to find customers:

– Promote your service at classified site.

– Promote your product through your signature in email and

– Go to Google, and search for ‘Internet marketing forum’.
You’ll find many product owners there.

– Promote your service at Google via Google’s pay-per-click
advertising program, called Google AdWords. You can get a
customer from as low as $0.05. However, for you to promote
your business effectively on AdWords, you need to have a
good guide. Here’s an excellent resource how you can
advertise properly on Google:

How to get started?

Of course, as a new player, you’ll have to compete with
other product cover designers. Here are some powerful tips
you can get started fast:

1. Introduce your service by giving away, let’s say, 5 FREE
cover designs. In return, ask them to provide testimonials
on your service. This will boost your credibility. Hence,
more sales.

2. Create a website for your service. List down your offer,
put customers testimonial, and don’t forget to have a page
for your design showcase.

3. Offer a discount for members of an Internet Marketing
forum that you visit.

4. You’ll need to open a PayPal account to accept payment.
An alternative way is using ClickBank or 2checkout.

You are now ready to take order.

How to save time and earn more.

The easiest and fastest way to create product covers is by
using Photoshop Actions. Some called them Action Scripts.
Actions are some sort of plug-ins that automate the cover
design process.

Basically, here’s how they work:

– Run Adobe Photoshop

– Load the Actions into Photoshop

– Click on a button to run the Action

– Edit the template with relevant images & text to suit
your need

– Click on another button, and your flat cover will be
transformed into 3D cover, automatically.

Here’s a site where you can find Photoshop Actions for
ebook cover & software box cover:

Imagine how many covers you can create in a day? And the
best partPsychology Articles, how much money can you earn in a day?