Alola to New Adventure! | Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon Episode 1

Alola to New Adventure! | Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon Episode 1

Say Alola to Alola on Pokémon TV! ☀️📺

Take a trip back to sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and delicious malasadas with Ash and Pikachu in the first episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon!

Plus, tune-in to Pokémon TV for even more classic episodes from Pokémon the Series!

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The websites over the years have changes dramatically from the flash websites (which some looked more like a game) to HTML websites with Javascript/JQuery/HTML5/CSS for the styling.

Websites have gone through huge changes from colourful designs left aligned websites to centered/fullscreen websites with a basic 4 color scheme.

Below are some of to expect in 2015

Responsive Website
We have probably heard a lot about responsive web designs, especially this year. Well this is not going to change, you have designers who still only offer websites that are not responsive and I think in 2015 I think all companies will need to offer this as a standard feature when building a website, otherwise I don’t believe they can survive.

With more and more people using a smartphone/tablets, it would be crazy to not have your website optimized for them.

Minimal designs and focus on content
We have seen the websites that were designed over a decade ago, using so many colors which some thought was great back then has now gone in the opposite direction.

Many companies today want to minimize the design and focus more on the content, the is a great example of this. With high quality content and great pictures, this minimal design really brings out what they want the visitors to see. This is nothing new, but people are starting to lean this way as it makes the website look much cleaner.

Sticky Menus
While sticky menus have been around awhile, I have started to see a lot more of them lately. I think more and more will go this way as it does keep your visitors close to the menu at all times. You will not need to have a menu in your footer like what many websites or the scroll up button which we have on this website.

Stock Photos of Models
Yes having a model over expressing themselves in a board room is ok in my opinion, but websites who have one on each website do look a little lame. The funny thing is that a lot of them have the same person on many different websites. People are starting to rethink of using stock models and using real people and pictures for the slideshows.

I think having one is OK, perhaps for your homepage, but not all over the placeBusiness Management Articles, I think everybody is starting to realize having so many stock models on your website is making the website not as creditable as in the past.