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Best Adventure Movies► Full Mystery Movies 2020► Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English Holl
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Cooking outdoors is a very easy task with a little preparation and
planning. If you are planning a rafting or camping trip, there are a
few things to remember before you head out to the wilderness, and a few
things that can turn a great riverside camp meal into a tantalizing,
mouthwatering treat.

First, check your cooking equipment and make
sure it is clean and well organized before heading outdoors. Include
common utensils and equipment like spatula, turner, large serving
spoons, knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls, cups, coffee pot, cooking
pots, pans, (preferably cast iron skillet and Dutch oven), lids, and
plastic bags. Utensils can be stored separately in plastic Ziploc bags
or long, thin plastic containers with lids. Stack cups inside bowls and
pots and pans to utilize all areas of space and remember, you can stack
upside down too! Once the tools of the trade are collected, be sure
that your cook stove is clean and all working parts are present,
including propane, regulator, briquettes, matches or lighter. A few
other essentials to include in the cook tubs are pot holders or gloves,
foil, cutting board, clean dish towels and scrubbers, dish soap,
garbage bags, bleach and a flashlight.

Secondly, plan a menu for
each meal of each day that you will be cooking outside. It is easiest
to plan the menu by days and meals. For example, Day 1: breakfast,
lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks; Day 2: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks,
drinks, etc. Once you have your menu planned you can easily make the
list of ingredients that go into each meal or snack. Break the list
into categories like meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, dry goods and so
on, until you have a complete list of supplies you need to pack. This
list can also double as a shopping guide. Perishable items like meats
should be frozen ahead of time and packed together in a cooler along
with other items that need to be kept cold like milk or cheese. Be sure
to pack frozen water bottles, or recycled juice bottles full of frozen
water to keep ice chest temperatures cold. It is also a good idea to
keep a small thermometer in the cooler so that you know temperatures
are appropriate to prevent food spoilage. Crushed ice is added after
everything else is packed into the cooler, and it is best to pack
drinks in a cooler separate from the perishables cooler.

Now that
everything is prepared and organized, a few other pantry items are
pertinent to note. Add to the dry goods staples items such as salt,
pepper, garlic powder, sugar in a mason jar with screwed down lid, an
additional empty pint sized mason jar with lid, vanilla flavoring,
other favorite herbs and spices including cinnamon and nutmeg, Pam, or
your favorite brand of non stick cooking spray, tea, coffee and hot
cocoa. These items can fit into a small storage tub with a lid and
labeled as Preferred Pantry! In the cold cooler, be sure to add heavy
whipped cream in a mason jar with lid, butter, milk and half and half.

comes the cooking. Take the time to organize the camp kitchen. Set up a
hand washing station with water, pump soap and clean towel. Unpack
tools and utensils so they are easy to reach, yet discretely out of the
way. Prepare the garbage/recycle station before you start to cook. If
you are using a small grill, set it up and check to make sure it works,
and that you have placed it in a well ventilated area. Open coolers as
little as possible to keep things cold. As the cooking begins, remember
you are working at a slower pace than the stove at home. If using a
campfire to cook, smoke will enhance and flavor meats and grilled
vegetables with an unbelievably delightful flavor. When food finishes
cooking, transfer to a plate and cover with a lid or aluminum foil to
retain heat and flavor.

Finally, an impromptu treat of Same Day
Cobbler is made possible by the supplies included in the pre-trip
preparations. In August, there are many ripe blackberries. Pick a quart
or two of the wild berries. Rinse and place the berries into a Dutch
oven. Sprinkle with sugar and use about one tablespoon of butter and
dot the berries. If berries aren’t available, pack a can or two of
peaches. After that, mix up the cobbler topping using the pancake mix
you brought along. Add a few tablespoons of sugar to the mix, and mix
with milk until t it is the consistency of a drop biscuit. Drop the
cobbler dough on top of the berries or peaches. Sprinkle the top with a
teaspoon full of sugar, put on the lid and bake in a Dutch Oven until
you can see and smell the steam escaping from the top. While the
cobbler is baking, fill a mason jar two-thirds full of heavy whipping
cream. Add a dash of sugar, a touch of vanilla and screw the lid on
tight. Now it is time for more fun! Pass the jar of whipping cream
around the camp fire. As each person shakes it, watch your family and
friends make whipped cream! When the Same Day Cobbler has finished
cooking, serve with a little whipped cream. Enjoy!

outdoors can be very enjoyable and delicious. It contributes to the
relaxing rhythm of an outdoor adventure and invites others to share in
the work, or keep you company while you are cooking. Be sure to clean
up, wipe down and store all unused food. Outdoor cooking is an integral
element of rafting and camping. It enriches the experienceFind Article, slows the
pace and enhances the flavors of food. Enjoy what comes along and be
sure to share the joy of cooking at the camp fire!