Best Dungeons and Dragons Pirate Adventure Book

Best Dungeons and Dragons Pirate Adventure Book

The Best Dungeons and Dragons Pirate Adventure Book is… for the Savage Worlds RPG. 50 Fathoms is a setting sourcebook detailing the pirate fantasy themed world of Caribdus. Fit for D&D 5e, or any other generic or fantasy RPG that you want to plunder some booty with on a seafaring adventure.

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Achaidh Cheide, Celtic Impulse – Celtic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Disney’s famous film, “Pirates of the Caribbean, which stared Johnny
Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, comes into mind when we mention the word
“Pirate”. Wooden leg, black eye-patch, hook, beard are just some of the
typical Pirate Cliches. What exactly is a Pirate, you may ask? Pirate’s
committed acts of robberies on sea and even on land. They would mostly
sail around in their ships and plunder trading ships. Although Pirate’s
did have cool nicknames like “Black Beard’ and “Black Bart”, it was said
that the nicknames were given to prevent government officials from
knowing their true identity.

Some Pirates wore hoop earrings, but
not as a fashion statement. They actually wore earrings because they
believed that piercing their ears with silver or gold would improve
tremendously their eyesight. Pirates are also known for wearing a black
eye-patch. The eye-patch was said to be worn because switching from
being on deck to under deck actually took the eyes some time to adjust.
On deck was too bright and under deck was too dark. What they would do
is wear the eye-patch over one eye while on deck, then switch to the
other eye once below deck.

The Korsan Duvet Cover Set from the Le
Vele Bedding Collection is a great way to create a Pirate-themed
Bedroom for your child. This bedding Set features a couple of beautiful
Pirate Ships and a fierce Pirate on a multi-color backdrop. Start by
placing a toy treasure chest full of your kids treasures (toys) in front
of his or her bed and plush sea-creatures hanged on toy nets. Hang a
large pirates flag on the wall and place a tricorne on the beds
headboard or on the closet door. Use wooden curtain rods and floors to
give the illusion of a wooden ship deck. Follow these tips and you will
create a simple and fun Pirate-themed bedroomArticle Submission, Arrrrrr.