Best mystery games to play in 2019

Best mystery games to play in 2019

Ready to solve a case or 10? Here are the best mystery games you can play in 2019.

When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G.

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When you decide to work as a mystery shopper and get paid to eat and shop you need to know what the mystery shopper job nature is, I will describe this interesting job in briefed way to let you feel that you catch everything before doing your first assignment.

Find out mystery shopping companies
Visit our website to find out mystery shopper companies in your area and search Google for legitimate mystery shopping companies accept applications online and do not charge for application fee. Use these keywords to find so many companies;” mystery shopping companies”. Search Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL to find out so many mystery shopper companies.
Prepare for your assignments.
Make sure that you know the assignment’s scenario and requirements, prepare yourself for it by being their on time and make sure that all needed tools are available with you notebook and voice recorder (cell phone), make sure that you have verified the store location, you can use the online maps to do so.

Do the assignment (mystery shop)
Try to be 15 minutes earlier and follow my tips during the assignment to make it quite successful and enjoyable:
1- No Body must know that you are mystery shopper.
2- Be patient and do not feel that you are in duty.
3- Observe in mystery way what real customers do not see.
And if you want to be professional you can find out more tips on how to be professional mystery shopper on professional mystery shopper, you can read it anytime you want, bookmark our web site to keep it your reference to make a new income stream using the funniest and the most interesting job.

Submit the requested report to their mystery shopper company.
After you finish the assignment you need to submit your well written report on time, make sure that your report covers all what you have met in full details and covers all requirements, it should be clear, objective, and formal somewhat.

Wait for your payments.
After you complete you assignment and submit your report, you will be paid according to the mystery shopping company’s schedule, you will need to wait from one week to two months maximum to receive your payment. You have to wait for the time that they told in advance that your payment wants to reach you, what ever days, weeks, or more but it should not exceed tow months. If this time passed and you did not receive your payment you have to contact them in order to inform them that you did not receive your payment in the date that they have mentioned.

As any other job the more you are serious in this job the more you will have success and make money, mystery shopper job is easy job, funny, and flexible but please keep your promise when apply for an assignment because failing doing so will disqualify you from so many other assignments, if you not have time it please do not apply for any assignment of any kind of duty until you sufficient time for it to avoid losing the chance to work with the company that you have applied for its assignment. 

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