Best Travel, Adventure, and Exploration Nonfiction I Read in 2019

Best Travel, Adventure, and Exploration Nonfiction I Read in 2019

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While Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors, it is
also a popular international hub for adventure sports like trekking and
camping. If you have the nerve to brave the heat, then you will surely
love biking and trekking in the lap of the Arabian Desert.

Enjoy an exciting Off-road UAE journey with your family and friends –

Every other vehicle on the road in this country seems to be a four-wheel
drive, but unlike in many countries, there’s ample opportunity to truly
put them to the test in an Off-road UAE
environment. Dune bashing, or desert driving, is one of the toughest
challenges for both car and driver, but once you have mastered it, it’s
also the most fun.  You can also avail bike tours to enjoy the
leisurely, scenic rides for a lifetime.

Consider the changes in temperature while camping in Dubai –

Camping in the desert or by the beach is a popular weekend activity in
this part of the world. With constant sunshine and some beautiful
locations it is easy to understand why people make it a regular weekend
activity. But be prepared for the weather changes while camping in
Dubai. Warm temperatures and little rain means you can camp with less
equipment and preparation than in most other countries.

You need to make sure that the car you’re taking is in a very good
condition before you leave, and that it is capable of tackling all the
roads, tracks and dunes that you plan to drive on. Check the tyre
pressure, fluid levels and ensure that you have ropes and shackles, a
fire extinguisher, tyre pressure gauge, jack, shovel and a basic tool
kit. Always have a fully charged mobile and let people know where you’re
planning to camp too.

Explore an enthralling Off-road UAE journey with your near and dear ones –

When you’re in the thick of the city, it’s easy to forget that just
beyond the skyscrapers lays a vast wilderness waiting to be explored. To
really appreciate the surroundings that the UAE has to offer, you need
to venture out and experience the natural wonders of the Arabian
countryside for at least a night or two. Off-road UAE promises to
enthrall you with exciting adventures that’s sure to last for a

Keep in mind the basic safety rules and the equipments to carry during you’re camping in Dubai –

Generally speaking, there are no restrictions on where you can camp,
with the exception of some private beaches, but obviously there are
certain guidelines which you should adhere to. If you do end up camping
near habitation, try to be considerate with the amount of noise and
light you make. Should you be camping in the desert, remember that while
it feels as if you’re completely alone, chances are there are others
looking for camping spots too. Don’t pitch your tents directly at the
base of dunes where oncoming off-roaders could plough over your camp.
Shift a little further out.

Try to take firewood from a building site while camping in Dubai.
Remember that, while campfires are an essential addition to any camping
trip, make sure that yours is properly maintained at all times. As the
evening draws on, make sure everyone stays together to avoid any
mishaps. You’ll find a great selection of stores that offer a huge
variety of camping equipment as per to your budget.

Off-road UAE is a challenging way to explore this country –

If you’re constantly eager to break free from the city’s limits and are
simply longing for adventure, then you’ve come to the right place.
There’s a whole rugged, action-packed, adventure-soaked world out here,
and it’s time for you to simply dive in. Off-road UAE is one of the
toughest ways to explore the country. SoFree Articles, race up on your spirits and
enjoy the breathtaking adventures.