Best Ways To Get Character Experience! | Genshin Impact (Guide)

Best Ways To Get Character Experience! | Genshin Impact (Guide)

Welcome to my guide on how to obtain Character Experience! If you’re struggling with leveling your Units especially above Level 60, this will let you know every available source (that I know of) of Wanderer’s Advice, Adventurer’s Experience and Hero’s Wit!

(0:00) Introduction
~One Time Sources~
(2:09) Spiral Abyss
(2:56) Complete Quests
(3:54) Chest Hunting
(5:20) Adventurer’s Handbook
~Repeatable Sources~
(5:50) Leyline Outcrops (AR35+)
(7:00) Battle Pass (Recommended to buy Gnostic Hymn)
(8:12) Paimon’s Bargains

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