Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery by Andy Adams – Action & Adventure Fiction Audiobook

Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery by Andy Adams – Action & Adventure Fiction Audiobook

Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery by Andy Adams – Action & Adventure Fiction Audiobook

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“Guard this letter as you would your life!” With these words ringing in his ears, Biff Brewster boards a Brazil- bound plane to join his father on a safari to the headwaters of the Amazon River-a safari that, to Biff’s amazement, becomes a deadly contest for fabulous riches. From the beginning, Biff, his father, Biffs friend Kamuka, and the rest of the party find their path menaced by an enemy who never reveals himself. Is it Nicholas Serbot, the suave stranger whom Biff first meets on the plane? Or is it Joe Nara, the eccentric old prospector, the only white man alive who knows the route to the almost legendary El Dorado gold mine? Biff and Kamuka find their days crowded with the hazards and thrills of jungle travel as they trek through a wilderness echoing with the threat of “Macu”-the dreaded head-hunters. And waiting for them at the end of the trail are a shock and a surprise beyond their wildest dreams. A great new adventure for young readers.

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Title: Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery
Author: Andy Adams
Reader: Peter Thomlinson
Genre: Action & Adventure Fiction
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