Choose Your Own Adventure!! (BOOK COLLECTION)

Choose Your Own Adventure!! (BOOK COLLECTION)

Choose Your Own Adventure, the original and best selling interactive book series where YOU decide the outcome of the story. Choose Your Own Adventure, as published by Bantam Books, was one of the most popular children’s series during the 1980s and 1990s, selling more than 250 million copies between 1979 and 1998.




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Whether island hopping around Spain, relaxing on secluded beaches along the incredible Croatian coastline or exploring the remains of ancient seaside towns in Turkey, it’s easy to see why a luxury European cruise is consistently a sailing destination of choice.

The best part is, luxury cruises are no longer reserved for A-list celebrities and the supremely wealthy. So, read on, get inspired, and treat yourself to some of the best cruises in Europe!

1. Turkey

There is something special about Turkey; perhaps it’s the fact that the country has been home to vanished empires, or perhaps that it’s the melding of Christian and Muslim influences, or even the fact that it’s where Europe meets Asia. There’s no denying that Turkey is lively – walking through its historic streets, it’s as if you can feel the tectonic plates shift beneath your feet. There is always something going on, someone to tell you a story, or something to haggle over. Turkey can be a very “hands-on” experience and this makes it one of the best holidays for completely indulging in another culture.

2. The Balearics

Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. All legendary sailing destinations in their own right, but ignore the super clubs for a moment as these famous locales are steeped in history, dating back to the invasions of the Romans, Moors, and even the plucky Brits.

These periods in Spanish history have made exploring the islands a must for the history buff. You’ll revel in the cobbled stone streets, white washed churches, ornate stain glass windows, and impressive battlements and forts. And when you’re ready to let your hair down, expect to take part in cultural traditions as festivals take place during the peak season such as Semana Santa!

Another great fact about these lavish islands is the location. They are included in myriad luxury sailing itineraries that can in include France, Italy, and even the Canary Islands.

3. Amalfi Coast

Highly lauded for its picturesque landscapes and idyllic harbours, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most visually striking sailing destinations on offer. You’ll struggle to tear yourself way from its remote fairy tale towns such as Procida, with its pastel coloured houses that are embedded on the side of a mountain.

You’ll never forget visiting the town of Capri, which is famous for being the home of Emperor Augustus. Its mixture of ruins, fauna, and sunshine have made it a staple of the Amalfi cruise.

4. Croatia

Croatia has been making a name for itself in recent years within luxury yachting circles. There is a reason why it holds the title of “the new Greece”, as it offers something a little different to the usual hotspots. Instead of sandy beaches, they’re sun-bleached limestone, and instead of hopping through secluded islands, you’re hopping through exquisite cities.

Places like Dubrovnik are literally jammed packed with relics, monuments, and incredible architecture. When you’re sailing in and spot the red-roofed buildings from a few miles away, you’ll know you’re in for a treat as you anxiously wait to get into the Old Town.

Tips for Safe Travelling

Now, before you jump onto your luxury European cruise, you’d do well to abide by three easy tips for safe travelling. First of all, sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! For some of the entries on this list, temperatures can soar higher than 30°C. Secondly, plann and book taxi routes – this will ensure you and your equipment get to your destinations safely.

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