Comics Artists vs Mangakas

Comics Artists vs Mangakas

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el puede ser muy dedicado en otros aspectos, solo me refiero al dibujo

In the part of togashi vs liefeld, i compared these artists like this because that is how they are considered in their areas, or what many think at least, and the objective was never to attack anyone, it was just FUN, I like the versus, and if I hadn’t liked I wouldn’t have made this video, think about it.
This is a drawing versus, not a story versus, Liefeld has a unique style that differs from the rest, it is unfortunate that when a superhero comic artist moves away from realism a bit to get more personality he is highly criticized. Many tell me that the proportions are bad, but in the Mangas I generally see super deformed art, ultra-thin bodies and eyes the size of a tennis ball, but they don’t complain about that because it’s completely accepted.
Togashi fanboys, stop with the victimization, I only analyze the content and the empirical information of the works.
Of course, I said, that he is not very dedicated and that he scribbles, that is nothing personal and is totally related to his drawings.
If they make so many excuses for empathy, This is a possible solution that I am providing:
1) If the author’s decision is not to continue with the manga because he cannot continue it, then it is preferable to end it, either for his health or for the problem he has.
2) He can use a different artist, an example is the Dragon Ball Super Manga, you can have helpers if you want, practically does not want to continue drawing by pure personal decision.
The fanboys put excuse after excuse to justify the bad drawing due to a health problem, over think to justify any mistakes in the play rather than use judgment and reflect on the problems in the series or the mangaka

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