Finn, Bronwyn, and "Jake" in Obsidian – Adventure Time: Distant Lands Analysis

Finn, Bronwyn, and "Jake" in Obsidian – Adventure Time: Distant Lands Analysis

While Obsidian was about the relationship of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen, the brief appearance of Finn and Bronwyn raises tons of questions that fuel countless more speculations. Join me as I discuss how much time may have passed / how old Finn Mertens might be in this Distant Lands special, why Bronwyn tagged along in (what I presume to be Finn’s) van, and why the Land of Ooo’s most famous hero (who is now scruffy, bearded, and scarred-up) has a big chest tattoo of his brother Jake the Dog who is nowhere to be found. Things get rather sad, because yeah, I personally am convinced that Jake is dead, but I do find bittersweet sentiment in the gonzo chest tattoo that Jake has been memorialized with on Finn’s pecs. Even if Jake did die, his spirit surely lives on in the world of Adventure Time!

Music briefly featured at the end was the Gilligan Moss Mix of Eternity With You.


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