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A Thousand Cuts (Passive)
Gwen’s Attacks deal an additional (1% + 0.006% AP) Max Health magic damage on hit. Gwen recovers health equal to 70% of the damage this Ability deals to champions.
Max damage to monsters: [15-100 +15% AP]. Deals [8-30] bonus damage to minions below 40% health.

Snip Snip! (Q)
40 Mana
6.5/5.75/5/4.25/3.5s Cooldown
Passive: Gwen gains 1 stack when she hits an enemy with an attack (max 4, lasts 6 seconds).
Active: Consumes stacks. Gwen snips once for [8/10.75/13.5/16.25/19 +5% AP] magic damage, snips again for each ammo consumed, and then snips an final time for [40/53.75/67.5/81.25/95 +25% AP] magic damage.
The center of each strikes deals true damage instead and applies A Thousand Cuts to enemies hit.

Hallowed Mist (W)
60 Mana
22/20/18/16/14s Cooldown
Gwen summons the Hallowed Mist, making her untargetable to all enemies (except towers) outside of the zone for 5 seconds or until she leaves it. While in the Mist, Gwen gains [20 + 5% AP] Armor and Magic Resist.
Gwen can Recast this ability once to call the Mist to her. This will automatically Recast the first time Gwen attempts to leave the zone.

Skip ‘n Slash (E)
35 Mana
13/12/11/10/9s Cooldown
Gwen dashes and empowers her Attacks for 4 seconds.
Empowered Attacks gain 40/50/60/70/80% Attack Speed, [10 +8% AP] on hit magic damage, 100 range, and the first one to hit an enemy refunds 50% of this Ability’s Coldown.

Needlework (R)
100 Mana
120/100/80s Cooldown
First Cast: Hurl a needle that deals [20/50/80 +8% AP] magic damage, Slows by 40/50/60% for 1.5 seconds, and applies A Thousand Cuts to all enemies. If Gwen hits an enemy with an Attack or Ability within 6 seconds of casting this, she can Recast it (up to 2 additional times.)
Second Cast: Fire three needles to deal [60/150/240 +24% AP] magic damage
Third Cast: Fire five needles to deal [100/250/400 +40% AP] magic damage
Subsequent needle hits on the same unit slow by 15/20/25% instead.
Max damage: [180/450/720 +72% AP], plus [900% +5.4% AP]% max health damage from A Thousand Cuts.


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