How To Earn Free PayPal Money Fast In 2021 (Make Money Online)

How To Earn Free PayPal Money Fast In 2021 (Make Money Online)

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This is a step by step guide on how to earn free paypal money fast as a complete beginner. This easy method will allow you to make money online even if you have no experience.

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Try a Website for Free, no money involved—Read this Article first before starting your website! 2004-09-01

Have you browsed the internet and wondered about if operating a website is for you?

Do you have limited funds and wish you had enough money to start an online business?

Do you have the time to learn about creating a website that costs absolutely no money?

Do you have time?

For most, time is the most precious commodity that we possess. As an employee, manager, or owner of a business, a person is paid according to what is accomplished during that time the person is actively working. And, when most people are pressed for time, they may find it hard to imagine starting a business with what little time they do have. Over and over, week in and week out you manage your time based on the pursuit of money used to pay for your and possibly other people’s existence; this is the drive to provide for one’s family. Everywhere you look on the internet, the marketing experts keep feeding people with the practically get-rich-overnight website business programs.

‘I’ll turn your website into a money-making machine within 3 months’

‘Get listed #1 in search engine directories, Guaranteed!’

‘You will learn never before heard of tricks for unlimited traffic to your site!’

These are just a few mock examples of headlines that I have seen while promoting my websites on the internet. I have found that most of these offers always cost you money to find out the FREE SECRETS that will make your website the best on the net.


I read where one expert tells you to NEVER accept to be an affiliate of another company unless you are paid at least 25% of the sales; then, I see the same expert pitching an add for an affiliate program that pays the expert only 10% of the sales. This contradictory fact makes me weary of doing business with or buying something from an expert that contradicts some of the FREE SECRETS the website is selling for $199, Guaranteed! If you take the TIME to read through ALL information provided by websites, you can discover the little secret without paying them for anything, remember it’s free.

Some web hosting companies offer website programs that can run from $99 up to $2500 or more in start-up costs, and then hit you with the $20 to $30 a month hosting fees. In other words, if you go into business based on your emotions and not all of the facts, you could wind up spending a lot of money making the marketing expert or hosting company a nice residual income. It seems most of these sites are banking on the majority of its customer base to fall by the wayside and quit, while the monthly fees keep rolling in to the experts bank account because of the contracts that were signed by webmaster dreamers. Granted most of the dream is smoke being blown from advertising experts or online ‘gurus;’ be very careful because like most experts say ‘I am just an ordinary person like you and now I have the Time to do what I want because my sites work even while I am not working!’ Who can resist the urge to SIGN UP NOW because by next year the person is independently wealthy! Nice Dream Isn’t It? Don’t bite! Learn to take the time to read everything first and it will teach you what is best for your own situation. Then if you have the time and the money for it, by all means sign up but never do it after only reading part or a little bit of a website. READ IT ALLFree Articles, it will save you time and money.

Written by eRix © 2004-08-26 Permission to Reproduce in Entirety.