I wrote a song about the BEST character from The Adventure Zone

I wrote a song about the BEST character from The Adventure Zone

I’ve never really done something like this before, so let me know what you think!

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When I took Andrew Huang’s music production course last month , I knew that the final goal was to have three fully produced songs completed, but I didn’t know if I would want to share any of them here on my YouTube channel, because each one was a big learning experience in a lot of ways! Once I finished this song, though, it felt like the perfect kind of song to share on here with you all 😊

Andrew’s Monthly online course – https://learnmonthly.com/andrew-huang-music

silver dragon Angus art – https://kaenith.tumblr.com/post/171673659458/silver-dragon-angus-mcdonald-drago-ango-drango


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