Indigo Diaries PREFACE I Best Adventure Books to Read

Indigo Diaries PREFACE I Best Adventure Books to Read Gods’ Food Novel (Indigo Diaries, Book 1)
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“What happens to an Indigo child when they’re growing up?
More importantly, what is the real difference between anything normal and paranormal?
If some mystical occurrences happen to us, don’t we “normally” and fearfully prefer to call them “strange coincidences,” or try to persuade ourselves it was only an indication of our overactive imagination? Aren’t we cowardly closing our eyes and ears, refusing to face the truth—as otherwise, it would ruin our convenient perception of the world?
What do we actually consider to be “normal?” Isn’t it about what our conventional mentality is able to understand and agree to accept as “real?”
The exact same can be stated about the border between calling your novel non-fiction or fiction.
What if you could close your eyes and see different worlds and planets? What if you could see them with some kind of different vision, even with your eyes open? Would that make you a paranoid… a freak, a genius, a crazy, or an Indigo, if that’s what’s been happening to you since you can remember?
If something unusual is what you really see and really feel, and if that’s what does happen to you in your real life, how is that called fiction? One simple reason: it’s the only way the society would agree to call it normal, based on the current level of development of their mentality.”

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