Jon Wolfe Adventure Novels

Jon Wolfe Adventure Novels is a website created in April of 2017 to be the home base for all the proceedings concerning Jon Wolfe adventure books, characters, news, action, documentary videos, and more. Watch this introductory video for the following: “Experience first hand the exhilarating adventures taken on by our heroes and book characters. Understand where the content that gets fabricated into the fictional plots is inspired from. Feel an adrenaline rush from the high adventure, and then relive it within the context of the legendary books.”

Year 2016 ended and SEO strategist are looking for some best tactics in 2017. Many of them prepared the task lists and they are ready to implement however, some specialists are still focusing on old submission tricks. In this blog, we are going to share some best SEO Practices that will be very influential and useful in 2017.

What Google said last time?

Before moving ahead with SEO, It is necessary to check the latest update on Google command, Penguin 4.0, Phase 2 was the recent and last algorithm by Google in 2016, which results reverse action of all other Penguin penalties. According to the algorithm Google promotes the site ranking for quality content, link work, and demote the ranking for spam links. So for year 2017 it is highly recommended to double check the website before getting any backlinks whether it is according to Algorithm or not.

Url Structure and Navigation

Open your website and browse it from a customer/client view. The website navigation structure should be easy to browse with SEO friendly urls. You cannot make url structure like, If it is something like then it is easy for the client to remember and Google to understand. The more your website structure and url are easier to understand, the more number of pages indexed by Google.

Website Content

Google loves to read fresh new content update on a website. Creating a Blog page on website and update it regularly with new content is the powerful tactics to bring your website on top position. The Worthy content has two pins: Demand, and Links. First, your website content should be according to customer demand running now days in the market and second you have to try to build links to your content. You can place some links that redirect to your blogs from the website.

Authentic Link Submissions

After Page Rank death, DA and PA left for the help. Before we get the links from high PR website and now, it is the time to get the links from high DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) website. This task is a little hard, but once the link approved, you will get a better ranking status on Google.

Local Listing

To catch your customers locally and improve the local keywords ranking, the Local citation, Classified adsBusiness Management Articles, listing on Google and other sites is a good practice. So include this task in your list.