Literary Wonder & Adventure Show 15: The History of Sword and Sorcery: A Conversation with…

Literary Wonder & Adventure Show 15: The History of Sword and Sorcery: A Conversation with…

Join Robert and Edgar the Raven as they welcome Brian Murphy, author of Flame and Crimson: A History of Sword and Sorcery to the Dream Tower, for a long in depth discussion of Sword and Sorcery literature, the idea of genre, mythology and the imagination, and the importance of the frontier of unexplored vistas of both the mind and nature. Also, Robert agonizes over what genre his Rogues of Merth series might be while Edgar endures.

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Show Notes: importance of fantasy literature, heroic fantasy, sword and sorcery, Weird Tales, Robert E. Howard, H. Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, C. L. Moore, Michael Moorcock, genres, frontier, city, savagery, barbarians, barbarism, civilization, H. P. Lovecraft, Frank Frazetta, mythology, the mythological field, collective unconscious, C. J. Jung, Joseph Campbell, William Blake, pulps, pulp literature, literary, imagination, commerce versus art, Tolkien, high fantasy, working class heroes, royalty, lifestyles of the medieval rich and famous, Rogues of Merth, Dream Tower Media, nature, wilderness, Neolithic Old Europe, the Goddess, Aryan people, Minoan culture, Marija Gimbutas, agriculture, patriarchy, matriarchy, history, education, industrial revolution.


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