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The Isle of the Lost: The Graphic Novel, by Melissa de la Cruz Adapted by Robert Venditti; Illustrated by Kat Fajardo |

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Knowing what you want right from the start is important. If you have no idea what it is that you want to achieve with your new marketing stuff, sit down with your staff BEFORE you get the graphic designer to do any work. Now, this is a very important point, so, let me say it again….CONSULT WITH YOUR PEOPLE BEFORE YOU GET YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGNER TO DO ANY WORK! 

Next, get it all down on paper. Even if you have no intention of passing that piece of document to the graphic designer, at least, you have a clearer vision on what you want. THEN speak to your graphic designer to explore ideas and possible changes to your original idea.  

Once the graphic design process has begun, pick and choose the people you consult with with care. Too many cooks DO spoil the broth! Only people who can and SHOULD make or help make the decision should be consulted at this very point in time.  

However, as any client will tell you, the graphic designer has a huge and major role in ensuring that they understand the client’s instructions, takes the initiative to research and explore other ideas. When the client tells the graphic designer what he/she wants from their new marketing stuff, it’s not set in stone. The graphic designer SHOULD present his/her own ideas as an alternative. If not, what’s the use of the graphic designer? Why not just get a clerical or the secretary to just learn how to use the appropriate programs/softwares and come up with something that the client wants?