Avvai is back to share some of her favourite Middle Grade graphic novels!

Books mentioned:
Guts by Reina Telgemeier
Stargazing by Jen Wang
Best Friends by Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham
Be Prepared by Vera Brosgal
El Deafo by Cece Bell
This Was Our Pact by Ryan Andrews
Pilu of the Woods by Mai K. Nguyen
Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi
Gravity Falls: Lost Legends by Alex Hirsch
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Eric Shanower

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Animation: Anita Bhatia
Sound Effects: https://freesound.org/browse/tags/sound-effects/


The top five family holidays we’ve discovered in our years of travel are: Theme ParksThese are always fun for kids, and I must admit, we adults quite enjoy them too. You can get great deals by booking your hotel early, and maximize your fun by planning out your activities beforehand. There are rides and exciting characters to meet for the younger ones, and you and your older ones will enjoy the more thrilling rides and shows. For the more adventurous at heart, there are a number of excellent theme parks worldwide, for example, a Disneyland in Japan, Hong Kong or France. This is a great opportunity to experience lots of fun in the context of a different culture. It is a good idea though to time your trip right. Standing in the long lines during extreme heat or cold is not anyone’s idea of a good vacation. The BeachBeaches with their bright sun, endless sand and wavy water are a formula for immense family entertainment. There are stunning beaches worldwide with great family-oriented hotels to stay at. Before you pack your bags, make sure check if your hotel has a pool and kids activities. Our kids love the beach but the same routine can get boring. We’ve found terrific hotels that organize games for the kids like water polo and beach volley ball. It was great on out trip to see the kids make new friends through these activities, and a break for my husband and I from keeping them entertained, which was quite enjoyable for us too. City BreaksOne of the greatest trips we’ve had with the kids is a visit to the capital city of Washington D.C. Our days were fun-packed with visits to museums like the Smithsonian, national monuments like the Thomas Jefferson memorial, and walks to beautiful places like Georgetown. We couldn’t believe how much there was to do with over a hundred museums and monuments to visit, most of which were free! Younger kids might get bored quickly unless you keep them engaged throughout and keep the sight-seeing fast paced and varied. AfricaThere is no greater way to experience wildlife than in its natural environment. Kids of all ages love animals and the excitement of a Safari is tremendous fun for the family as a whole. Although it is important to consider vaccinations for international travel, documentation, and to exercise great care with the food and water you drink, for example clean bottled water vs. tap water, we will remember our trip to Africa with its fascinating cultures, stunning nature and diverse wildlife for years to come.CruiseLike beaches, there are cruises to and from lots of places in the world. There are cruises that last for days and cruises that last for weeks. Either way, they are a terrific family vacation because they are equipped to holistically cater to every age group and offer fun activities for you and the kids. We’ve loved going on cruises for their picturesque views, the thrill of being on the water, the excellent accommodations and entertainment and because, you can’t really loose the kids. Wherever you decide to go for your vacation, be sure to plan in advance and keep a positive attitude, turning every aspect or mishap of your trip into a fun adventure for the most enjoyable and memorable break.

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