New Adventure Games 2021 [Tear-Jerkers and Solving Mysteries]

New Adventure Games 2021 [Tear-Jerkers and Solving Mysteries]

Ready to get lost and find a story? This video is all about the best new and upcoming adventure games in 2021.

While most games have some kind of adventurous element, from FPS with cool maps, to RPGs with great stories, there’s something to be said for pure adventures. No combat to get stuck on, the story is yours to interact with, and more often than not a world brimming with life to explore. There’s tons of new adventures games coming in 2021, from bicycle road trips to metal detecting mysteries.

So here is our list of the new adventure games 2021:

Intro 00:00
1 Before Your Eyes 01:02
2 Season 02:06
3 The Magnificent Trufflepigs 02:55
4 Open Roads 03:41
5 Sable 04:23
6 Backbone 05:07
7 Life Is Strange: True Colours 05:56
8 Road 96 06:57
9 Omno 07:43
10 OXENFREE II: Lost Signals 08:40
Outro 09:24

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