Public Domain Commercial Use: How To Find Public Domain Books & Other Content From Best Sources ❤️🇺🇸

Public Domain Commercial Use: How To Find Public Domain Books & Other Content From Best Sources ❤️🇺🇸

Public Domain Commercial Use: How To Find Public Domain Books & Other Content From The Best Sources ❤️ 🇺🇸 – Make Money With U.S. Federal Government Content.

To get you started here’s a Table of Contents to this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:31 What public domain content is
00:52 Why you should care about public domain content
01:20 The big problem with commercial use public domain content
01:36 The best source of public domain content
02:03 U.S. Federal government is one of the largest producers of commercial use public domain
02:37 Great content because produced by credentialed experts hired by the government
02:43 Types and formats of public domain content created
03:20 Superstars hired by the U.S. Government to create public domain content
04:20 U.S. Government public domain is a treasure trove for content creators
In this video, I’m going to lay out what public domain content is and why you should definitely care about it.

And then I’m going to show you how to find the public domain content from the very best sources and how to make money from public domain books and other content.

First, let’s start with what public domain content is.

Simply put it is content that is not copyright protected.

Either because the copyright expired, the original creators placed it in the public domain directly or the work was never eligible for copyright protection.

So why should you care about it?

Because you can pretty much do anything you like with public domain content.

For example, you can publish it in its entirety

Modify it in any way you see fit (known as derivative works)

Claim it as your own work

Publish it in different formats – books, ebooks, audiobooks, video.

And what makes public domain content truly useful is that you can do all of this for free.

This means you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to use it and you don’t have to pay anyone any royalties.

While I know all this sounds great the use of public domain content does pose some problems.

One of the biggest problems is much of the content is outdated and not easily used in many projects.

But lucky for you, I’m going to show you how to find the best, most primo, public domain content on the planet.

So what is the single best source of public domain content?

Drum roll please… it is…

The U.S. Federal Government!!

Here’s a little-known fact…government-produced content is not even eligible for copyright protection.

This puts 99% of it in the public domain.

Now here’s another wild fact that most people don’t understand…

The Federal Government Is One The Largest Producers Of Content In The World!

3 main branches of government.

Each with its own extensive network of agencies, departments, and sub-units.

Get this the federal government employee over 2 million people!

And every piece of content that anyone of those people produces goes automatically into the public domain.

Most of the people whose duty it is to produce content for the US government are highly credentialed experts in their fields, many of them Ph. D.s

And what kind of content do these folks create?

Short answer: Almost every topic under the sun.

But what’s most important from your perspective is that massive volumes of quality content are generated in some of the hottest niches around including…

Diet and Exercise To Investing And Travel, personal protection and self-defense.

And the type of content being produced is diverse as well… you can find textual material, videos, audios, PowerPoints, photos, art, and even software.

And much of the content is cutting-edge current.

That’s not to say that all of the content must be brand new to be valuable.

In fact, over the years the U.S. government has hired some real superstars and created some really cool and iconic content.

For example, the famous photographer Ansel Adams was hired by the government to photograph some of the national parks… and some of the photos are stunning and all of that collection can be used by you for any purpose at all without asking permission or paying royalties.

Another example is Dr. Seuss Theodor Geisel who was hired to help in the war effort for the Treasury Department and the War Production Board and even produced films for the troops.

But the point is that it’s all in the public domain and useable by you.

You can use iconic images like this…

Heck they made a movie around this event…

So what I’m hoping to convince you hereof is the absolute treasure trove that is government public domain.

Well, the fact is you can use this content in your books, films, courses, blog posts, videos, podcasts and even print on demand products like phone cases and t-shirts.

If however, you want to take a deep dive into making money with government public domain content then you may want to check out my Federal Green training .

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