Sci-Fi Hidden Gems Every Fan Needs to Watch | Netflix

Sci-Fi Hidden Gems Every Fan Needs to Watch | Netflix

Some people say that truth is stranger than fiction, but the world of science-fiction always comes through to remind us just how much weirder things could truly be. To help guide your next streaming adventure into realms unknown, here’s a look at some great sci-fi movies you won’t want to miss.

It might be hard to hold out hope when the entire world around you has been evacuated, but the protagonist of IO, Sam Walden, absolutely refuses to give up her hope for a better future. The film picks up after an apocalyptic event has rendered Earth’s atmosphere too toxic for human habitation, and most survivors have since moved to the moon of Jupiter that gives the film its name. Meanwhile, the movie’s protagonist, Sam, is the daughter of a renowned scientist who actively warned people against abandoning the planet, and she believes in his legacy so much that she stays behind to try to salvage the Earth.

Sam’s situation soon becomes complicated by the arrival of a devastating storm, a fellow straggler named Micah, and a rapidly-approaching deadline to catch the final shuttle to leave Earth for the colony. Sam must soon decide whether her commitment to Earth will be stronger than her survival instincts. Despite being set in such a grim environment, IO is a beautiful story about the resilience of humanity.

IO | 0:00
Extinction | 1:17
Orbiter 9 | 2:07
Revolt | 2:53
Assimilate | 3:35
Hardcore Henry | 4:13
Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell | 4:59
ARQ | 5:38
Midnight Special | 6:40


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Sci-Fi Hidden Gems Every Fan Needs to Watch | Netflix

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