Scientists Solve Mystery Of Oak Island

Scientists Solve Mystery Of Oak Island

Buried treasure was officially found on Oak Island which officially solves the 400 year old mystery. Recently the island has been showcased on both the discovery channel, and the history channel. Recent scientific evidence confirms what’s really there.

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Everyone hopes to find buried treasure at some point in their lives. The historical value, the fame and riches that would accompany such a find. That’s what’s driven people to continuously visit Oak Island, a ridiculously tiny island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Word on the street is that the island plays host to some buried treasure, the kind that would make you a one-percenter overnight. The rumours of treasure being hidden on the island date back to the seventeenth century and to this day are the main reason why hunters-and tourists-visit the island today.

However, in recent years some discoveries seem to suggest that people definitely did visit the island as early as the 1200s and predominantly in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Many believe that pirate treasure is hidden on the island, perhaps that of Captain Kidd himself, or that the Knights Templar were on some sort of secret mission that brought them to the island.

Coins, metal, wood and even coconut fibres have been found on the island, telling us that despite all the centuries of failed efforts, that yes, people did visit the island back in the day. But the jury is still out when it comes to actual buried treasure that’s priceless. There’s no ship or chests anywhere and the fabled money pit from legends remains just that: a legend. Perhaps one day a pile of gold will be uncovered on the tiny island but for now, it seems safe to say the island may have been used as a smuggling operation or a hideout spot.

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