Short Mystery Story Collection by Detective Fiction, Anthologies Audiobooks

Short Mystery Story Collection by Detective Fiction, Anthologies Audiobooks

Short Mystery Story Collection by Detective Fiction, Anthologies Audiobooks

Short Mystery Story Collection
Librivox’s Short Mystery Story Collection 001: a collection of 10 short works of mysterious fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members.

Genre(s): Detective Fiction, Anthologies

Language: English

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“Mystery Solved! 6 Steps To Getting Your Infoproduct
Business Online”

How do you get your own infoproduct online, collect
cash from orders 24-hours a day 7-days a week while
you’re not even paying attention?

Having assisted many people with their online marketing
efforts – and having setup several online marketing
sites myself, I know that at first, it can be a mystery.

How do you create your own website? How do you take
payment? What do you use to capture and build your own
list. How do you signup and track affiliates who can
bring in many sales for you?

Here’s the information you will not find in any eBook,
interview or course – and best of all, its free.

Step 1. Finding a Webhost

You will need to pay a webhosting company to give you
space and features you’ll need to upload your web page(s)
so that people will see it and place orders.

There are thousands of webhosts out there – I’ve tried
many and my recommendation is this webhost: hirdsphere

You get up to 500Mb of space (lots for most websites),
terrific features such as cgi, Perl, simple configuration
tool and statistics as well as the ability to setup
additional domains for only $10 each.

Step2. Developing Your Website

Once again – you have many choices of HTML editors – or
the programs you use to actually code your webpage.

Relax! It’s not as tough as it seems.

If you don’t know ANYTHING about HTML – the you should
learn the basics. Even if you get someone else to build
your website, you should know the basics of HTML so that
you can a) get a fair price for your work, b) communicate
what you want to your web designer and c) make changes
to your pages as time goes on.

Here’s a great site for learning the basics of HTML at
no-charge. OR

Here’s a few tips for building your product website:

1. Keep it simple, and all on one page. Sometimes
called a minisite – it’s been proven again and again that
your product page should be a single page with a headline,
subheadings, lots of benefits, a strong offer and order

2. Go easy on the graphics. Numerous tests have shown that
a strong headline and strong copy will outsell fancy

3. Your order page should be a well-written, targeted sales
page. As with any profit-producing sales letter – the focus
must be on benefits. Produce your sales letter in MS Word
first, then simply convert it to HTML.

4. Other than your main sales page, you will need pages that

1. Present articles you write online
2. Sell your newsletter or follow up list
3. A thank you page after your customer places an order
4. An opt-in page containing a form from your autoresponder
that sells your visitor on signing up to your newsletter,
minicourse or update list.
5. A thank you page for opt-in list singups.
6. An information and terms page on signing up affiliates
or partners.
6. A tools page where you help your partners and affiliates
make money with pre-written ads, letters, signature files,
and training.

I know – all of this can get overwhelming! Don’t be scared
off, just pick off one item at a time and use existing
successful websites out there as examples. You cannot steal
content word-for-word, but you can definitely be influenced
by how others have done it.

Step 3. How Do I take Orders?

Funny thing the internet, it’s radically altered the whole
payment processing industry -now you have online payment
processors and merchant accounts that allow you to collect
money – in an automated fashion, from your customers.

So how do these guys charge for their service?

Each one will have a combination of…

1. Up-front signup fee. Fee you will need to pay just to
get an account setup – ranges from next to nothing with
Paypal to several hundred dollars. You should plan for

2. Discount fees or – in other words – commissions of your
sales they keep.

They all take something – Paypal is low, below 2%, while
Clickbank is high at over 7% – but each package has it’s
value in additional services/features.

My suggestion is:

Use Clickbank for those starting out. Simply because it
has the most features in one service you will find.

When you begin to get into high volumes, then saving a few
percentage points per sale becoms ALLOT of money, that’s when
you would move away from Clickbank to Paysystems,
2 and put a front end system such as 1AuthorizeNet
on the front end.

Step 4 Uploading my web pages and eBook

You will need a way to get your .html files and other website
and digital product files up to your webhost – it’s not tough,
but you will need a tool to do the upload.

Now – many webhosts do offer a “File Manager” option as part
of their user tools when you signup for an account.

However – you will want a separate program for transferring
files – called a File Transfer Protocol program.

By far and away the best value is a program called WS-FTP.
You will find a no-charge trial version at – the paid version is quite
reasonable at less than $40.

Step 5 Pick and Autoresponder

You MUST, MUST, MUST have an autoresponder to help automate
your online business.

The small investment you will make serves as a virtual sales
force of thousands continually calling on your prospects day
after day, week after week until they buy.

Your autoresponder automates signups, list administration,
sending out a series of scheduled messages, 1-time broadcasts,
unsubscribes, and backups.

Here’s 5 ways you should be using autoresponders to triple
your profits —

a) 4-7 Part Minicourse gives you multiple exposures of your
b) Post-sales follow-up series, thank you, survey and
back-end product sales
c) Broadcast ezine, newsletter or announcement at least
d) Affiliate training and tools message sequence
e) Article postings. Many article submission directories
require that your article be available on-demand from an
autresponder address

You have a few choices when selecting an autoresponder
service, after years of trying various options, I’ve found
the best service to be this one:

Step 6 Setting Up Your Affiliate Program

OK – some may say this is NOT mandatory to run your own
successful online infoproduct marketing business.

What I say is that you are missing the boat if you don’t
setup your own affiliate program – assuming you are marketing
your own products.

With over 600 affiliates, I now have a global, 24X7, dedicated
and highly effective sales force that put my product in
front of millions of eyeballs – all without me lifting a

If you want this type of action – then you will need to run
your own affiliate program.

One way of doing it is to use Clickbank as your payment
processor – they offer an affiliate management program as part
of their payment processing package. There are some drawbacks
including lack of statistics, and issues with handling multiple
products sold from multiple pagesHealth Fitness Articles, but for someone starting out
they are OK.

A second option is using separate affiliate tracking software
– my favorites are either Groundbreak’s Ultimate Affiliate
( or
1AutomationWiz at:

There you have it.

6 basic steps sit between you and turning your desire for
making money online into a reality.

Don’t let these steps get in your way – the world needs to
see your products!

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