Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Sailing Legend | Full Documentary

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Sailing Legend | Full Documentary

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Sailing Legend looks into the man who became the first person to sail solo and non-stop around the world.

In his own words, Sir Robin explains the story behind his epic achievement over 50 years ago. Hear from Ben Ainslie Alex Thomson Racing, Sir Chris Bonington and Dee Caffari on how Sir Robin continues to inspire others to push themselves to their limits and be adventurous.

Find out what it was like to be in isolation with no communications to training ordinary people to become ocean racers.

From battling through monster waves, to being ‘lost at sea’ after losing his radio, and fighting off a shark, Sir Robin relieves the journey and shares never before seen photographs and diary entries. The documentary looks back on his remarkable life, career, legacy and his astonishing influence on the sport.

“To me, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is an iconic figure and one of the greatest sailors to have ever set foot in a boat” – Sir Ben Ainslie

“The thing that made Robin stand out so much was that he wasn’t well known, he wasn’t famous, he was an ordinary chap who built his own boat and did something nobody on earth had ever done before. Through sheer drive, guts and determination.” – John Simpson, BBC Correspondent

Have a fun, safe winter sailing trip by following these expert tips. And as you brave the crippling cold whilst winter sailing, travel insurance is a must!

Sailing isn’t just a summer activity. Cruising along in bright winter sunlight is a much more challenging alternative to your usual summer sailing holiday. Make sure you’ve got everything prepared for your wintry water trip with our checklist, prepared by experts.

Plan It Well

The hours during which you can make use of daylight are unfortunately a lot scarcer in winter, and so you’ll need to plan your trips accordingly to avoid getting stuck in the dark. Short zips to your frequently visited favourites will be fine, but if you’re looking for a longer trip, make sure you set off before sunrise and get back home before the sun goes down in order to make the most of your day.

Wear Layers

You might think that a few thick jumpers will be the best weapon against an icy snap, but a lot of thinner layers are actually a lot more effective. Ensure you and your crew are all wrapped up in thermals and extra layers underneath your waterproofs and you’ll be having too much fun to even feel the cold!

Get your Gloves On

Although waterproof thermal gloves are the obvious choice to keep your hands warm whilst sailing, some people find they make tying knots and handling the lines difficult due to their bulk. An alternative solution is to purchase several pairs of fleece gloves which you can swap when they get too wet.

Top Up the Tank

If your tank is full, it’ll reduce the chance of condensation forming due to the smaller surface area available. This in turn will make it less likely for that pesky diesel bug to flourish and contaminate your tank.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Boats left in salt water very rarely get frozen water in their engines, but it’s better not to take the risk when you’re planning a trip. Take some antifreeze out with you and you’ll be able to start your adventure straight away without worrying about your engine.

Fill Your Belly

Keep off the winter chill by always having a flask close byBusiness Management Articles, but try to avoid excess caffeine as frequent toilet trips and lots of layers do not make for a relaxed boat trip. Making sure you’ve got some tasty hot meals lined up throughout the day is also great for boosting morale and energy. A hearty soup or a pasty straight from the oven will do the job just fine!

Get Insured

Sailing travel insurance is essential to bring some peace of mind to your winter trips. Let’s Go Insure offer a fantastic sailing travel insurance policy that will cover you in the event of anything going wrong. Our comprehensive insurance packages will allow you to go wherever your sense of adventure takes you!