The Adventure Zone: A Podcast Like No Other

The Adventure Zone: A Podcast Like No Other

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Wonderland – Round Three by Griffin McElroy
Lucretia (Reprise) by Griffin McElroy
Bonus: Fantasy Costco Theme by Griffin McElroy

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Now strap on your fantasy seat belts and brace yourselves for… The Adventure Zone!

St Martin de Belleville is viewed as one of the ‘traditional village’ options in the Three Valleys ski resort area. Its somewhat quieter atmosphere and more sedate après ski scene brings a more family-focused crowd each year. Consequently, St Martin de Belleville is best known for activity holidays for families and caters to a wide range of ages and their varying needs. Located on a hillside, with the main ski lift at the top of the village, intermediate skiers can enjoy new and progressively challenging slopes and activities in and around the resort. St Martin de Belleville has managed to maintain its small traditional feel making it an ideal destination for families hoping to have fun and adventures together.

Intermediate Skiers’ Paradise

Although learning to ski in St Martin de Belleville is enjoyable, its novice skiing areas are somewhat limited. However, for the intermediate skier this resort is a playground of non-stop opportunities. Obviously activity holidays for families in this area are primarily focused on skiing and snowboarding activities but St Martin de Belleville has not limited its experiences to merely going up and down the slopes repeatedly. The beauty of the Three Valleys ski resort is how easy it is to explore the whole area via the many ski lifts and gondolas that connect each resort. Each area, whether it be Val Thorens or the Courchevel Valley, has its own unique atmosphere and flavour.

Fun Zones

St Martin de Belleville is particularly popular with families perhaps for their unique approach to alternative snow-focused activities. The resort is dotted with various ‘fun zones’ each offering a different adventure and opportunity to improve various skiing skills. This resort’s activity holidays for families actually encourages experiences and fun for the whole family rather than encouraging separation according to age. The ‘fun zones’ are all nearby and include:

BK Park: Friendly competition is cultivated at Le BK Park where two boarder crosses set the scene for thrilling races! Also there are bump and rail zones allowing you to learn and improve your Freestyle skills.

Liberty Ride: Experience skiing the pistes in their purest form on this non-groomed powder skiing run.

Speed Mountain: This thrilling toboggan run, set on rails, takes you through a variety of landscapes and exciting scenery.

Roc’n Bob Toboggan Run: This 4km natural toboggan run is a thrilling adventure for the whole family! Complete with speeding rapids, bends, canyons and curves!

DVA Park: This park introduces your family to a whole new aspect of life on the slopes: safety. Off-piste enthusiasts are instructed in the skills and tools needed to be an Avalanche Victim Detector, which is vital knowledge when venturing off the beaten track.

On the Quieter Side

There are many thrilling adventures to be found in St Martin de Belleville so it’s not surprise that activity holidays for families are especially popular in this particular resort. The village also encourages and creates a healthy sense of ‘hygge’, the Danish concept of warmth and cosiness. Families are free to spend as much, or as little, time together as they desire. However, the time spent together, whether it be on a thrilling toboggan ride or a cosy meal by the firesideBusiness Management Articles, is sure to be quality time.