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The Adventure Zone: Balance trailer

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For those travelling to London by car, the congestion zone
is only the beginning of your worries. As well as the £8 charge you will be
looking at very expensive options for parking once you are inside the zone as
well as the increased traffic. The better option is to park outside the
congestion zone for a cheaper price and get the tube in. Combined, it will cost
less than parking inside the zone and it will get rid of the stress of driving
around the city. 

There are six major tube stations situated just outside the
boarders of the congestion zone with a variety of close car parks.

Paddington Station is on the North West corner of the
congestion zone and is the closest to those driving in from the M1. There is an
abundance of car parks near this station and it is one of the best fed stations
on the tube network, running services on the Bakerloo, Circle and District
Lines. Close by is also Edgware Road which runs services on the Hammersmith as

Marble Arch is a little closer in and right on the boarder
of the zone, there are a handful of multi level car parks nearby but the
station only runs services on the Central line, so a change would be needed if
your destination was situated on a different line.

Hyde Park Corner is the other side of Hyde Park to Marble
Arch and offers services on the Piccadilly Line but suffers from a lack of car
parks in the immediate vicinity. A better option would be to park at Marble
Arch and change to the Piccadilly line if need be.

St Pancras is probably one of the most renowned stations in
London, serving an international line to France it is incredibly popular but is
also situated amongst a variety of car parks however the closest tube station
is Euston, just over 100 yards away and close enough to use the same car parks
it feeds the London overground network.

The Oval station is south of the Thames but feeds the
Northern Line, ideal for anyone coming from the south , there is also an
abundance of bus stops feeding many routes within 50 yards of the station.

Victoria Station is probably the closest you can get to the
centre of the city without going inside the congestion zone. Although there is
a lack of multi-storey car parks there are plenty of independent lots in the
vicinity. Victoria is well situated to walk to many of the city’s best
locations but it also feeds the Circle, District and Victoria lines if you need
to go a bit further.

Parking near these stations can cost as little as £5 for the
day and although tube prices vary, you will surely be parking and travelling
for less than the cost of entering the zone and parking within it. An added
bonus is avoiding the main traffic areas of inner London but still having your
own car to go back to. If travelling a little further on the tube doesn’t
bother you, some tube stations have parking spaces for as little as £3.50 for
the day or £1 on a Sunday/Bank holiday.

Many of the Hotels in London offer free parking to guests so
if you are staying over be sure to investigateScience Articles, they may also let you use the
parking for the whole day after you have checked out for a small price