The Adventure Zone – BUREAU OF BALANCE | Game Review | How To Play

The Adventure Zone – BUREAU OF BALANCE | Game Review | How To Play

The Adventure Zone is a wildly popular podcast and series of graphic novels from The McElroy Family. TAZ: Bureau of Balance captures the humor and joy of this world and expands it, allowing you to create your own unique adventures with your family and friends. You and friends are adventurers charged with retrieving dangerous artifacts from nefarious villains. To succeed, you may have to outwit vile gerblins, armwrestle ogres, or endure the withering criticism of sarcastic specters. Can you work together and overcome all challenges before your health runs out?

But is it good? Check out our review to find out!



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You will be hard pressed to avoid a smile when you see that flash of joy on a child’s face as they discover something new for the very first time. Activity holidays for families should always have facilitating that experience as their number one goal. Nimmo Bay Resort, in British Columbia, excels at introducing exploration and new adventures and activities to the whole family. Even to the most active of families the unique, and beautiful, wilderness of Nimmo Bay will cast familiar experiences in a whole new light.

Put the Baggage Down

Children in our society today have become miniature adults at a very early age. They are typically over scheduled, over worked and under too much stress. The most convenient ways for children these days to ‘unwind’ is to pick up the latest electronic device and switch their brains off to what is tantamount to a ‘dial tone’ level of stimulation. This kind of relaxation is anything but relaxing and has very few redeeming qualities. Activity holidays for families are beginning to become more and more popular as parents begin to recognize the detrimental effects of ‘too much modern life’ on their children. Kids may be able to rewire a computer’s hard drive or design intricate battle plans for the latest Warcraft computer game, but can they build a fire from scratch, or catch a fish without a fishing pole? It is rare to find a child (or an adult for that matter) these days with this kind of knowledge or skill set, and consequently the novelty of learning it can be quite thrilling!

Natural Environment

Nimmo Bay Resort offers families, and children in particular, a new and refreshing way of viewing their surroundings. The stunning natural beauty of the resort is simply breath-taking and it is one of the top destinations for activity holidays. To persuade families to leave the hustle and bustle of their daily lives behind for a couple of weeks, the appeal of the activities and adventures has to be fairly high. Once they arrive at Nimmo Bay, parents rarely have any difficulty in piquing their children’s interest as they are greeted with the opportunity to go whale watching or snorkelling or tubing.

Adventures Abound

One of the truly unique aspects of Nimmo Bay Resort is the family who runs the resort and their staff. Their enthusiasm and passion for the land, wildlife and environment are contagious and it doesn’t take long for children begin to learn new and exciting things without any conscious effort! A few of the best adventures on offer include:

Instilling the Love of Nature

Although other activity holidays for families may offer similar opportunities none can rival the natural beauty and serene calm that is found at Nimmo Bay Resort. The resort can only be accessed by helicopter and has a true ‘wilderness’ feel about it. HoweverPsychology Articles, the cabins are more than comfortable and the catering is of a very high quality. Most families do find that the accommodation becomes quite low on their list of priorities as all the action takes place in the great outdoors!