The Best Sci-Fi Shows You're Still Not Watching

The Best Sci-Fi Shows You're Still Not Watching

The world of science fiction is endless and there’s no shortage of new stories to tell. But sometimes, the best sci-fi stories on television are the ones you’ve never even heard of.

Set in a small German town, Dark is a sci-fi thriller where strange, supernatural occurrences have exposed secrets hiding in the closets of several families.

More than living up to its title, the show includes scenes of adultery, kidnapping, and homicide. Plus, it’s all set against the backdrop of time travel. This Netflix series is a slow burn and, at times, the physics of Dark’s time travel can be a little hard to follow. But when it all comes into focus, the emotional impact of the larger storyline is worth every second of the journey.

Fans of Superman will find many reasons to binge Syfy’s prequel series Krypton. Set two generations before the destruction of the Man of Steel’s home planet, the show focuses on Superman’s grandfather and on the choices he must make to ensure his grandson’s future survival.

In its second season, Krypton started introducing some DC fan favorites into the mix, including Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter in the same gritty vein as Marvel’s Wolverine and Punisher…only much cooler.

Although most comic-book geeks already know how the story turns out, Syfy has found a way to deliver enough surprises to keep even the most hardcore Super-fans guessing about what will happen next.

Watch the video to see more of the best sci-fi shows you’re still not watching!

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On the Dark side | 0:09
Steel yourself for Krypton | 0:44
Go big with The Expanse | 1:23
Unplug with The Society | 1:55
The OA FTW | 2:23
Make room for Final Space | 3:14
The Magicians will enchant you | 3:57
Find time for Future Man | 4:35
Electric Dreams is a shocker | 5:13