The Clever Queen and Farmer's Wife -Cartoon Videos | BedTime Stories | English Fairy Tales

The Clever Queen and Farmer's Wife -Cartoon Videos | BedTime Stories | English Fairy Tales

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Once in a faraway kingdom in India there lived a Generous King and Queen. They ruled the kingdom justly and kindly. There also lived a peasant man with a rude and impolite wife. The wife cursed the man and complained about their poverty. She claimed that if she were the Queen it would not have been so. The King and Queen happened to pass by and hear the claim. The Queen suggested that the wife is always responsible for the financial condition of the house. And to prove her claim she suggested an idea. Watch this interesting story as narrated by MagicBox Animation and find out what happened.

Each and every land on the globe has a past of its own and shares a separate set of folk and mythical tales of its own. MagicBox Animation brings you for the first time a collection of folktales from the world over, sharing stories from every race, sharing thoughts and energies experienced by all and give kids a chance to learn from each set of tales. So stay tuned to our channel and settle down to blow your minds away.

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