The Energy of Invention – An Adventure Zone Balance Video Essay

The Energy of Invention – An Adventure Zone Balance Video Essay

I probably got a few things wrong…like possibly the definition for paratext but y’know…pobodies nerfect

You can find me on Tumblr at Ladyknightthebrave if you want. Please click on this link if you want to look at the various fanartists whose work I used, Youtube has a character limit for these descriptions apparently:

Also I mispelled one of the artists names in the video? The Amnesty poster is by Jamscandraw not Jamescandraw

And Patreon:

Music by Epidemic Sound:

German Captions by: @_noujoum.

0:00 – Opening
0:56 – Chapter 1: Introduction
2:40 – Chapter 2: Plot & Characters
7:09 – Chapter 3 – Storytelling
16:56 – Chapter 4 – Epilogue
19:32 – Credits

Music Used:
Arms Outstretched by Griffin McElroy
Assault on the Moonbase by Griffin McElroy
Déjà Vu by Mort Garson
Disrobed by Griffin McElroy
Let Them Know by Griffin McElroy
Lucretia (Reprise) by Griffin McElroy
No Dogs on the Moon by Griffin McElroy
See You Later by Griffin McElroy
The Royal Beasts by Griffin McElroy
Wonderland Round Three by Griffin McElroy

Thumbnail Art from The Adventure Zone Animated Opening by Maddy Hicks and Emerson Zandegu

And the Adventure Zone Balance Animated Trailer directed by ThirdChildArt (with a whole production team which you can see at the link below)

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