The Five Best Comics for Young Readers

The Five Best Comics for Young Readers

My ‘Top 5’ comics for young readers, and I include 5 honorable mentions, bringing the list to 10 comics in total. In this new golden age of comics, children’s comics are leading the avalanche of high-quality, sophisticated, and lovable reads. Here I take a look at the ones I love the most, give you some caveats on how and why I made these choices, and even expound a bit on why I think it makes a difference reading ‘good stuff’, even at an early age.

Featuring some of my favourite writers and artists working today, this is a list of the five best (in my opinion, right now) comics for kids, and five more for good measure!

00:00 Introduction – 5 Great Comics for Young Readers
00:35 Main Titles
00:45 Caveats
02:32 #1/5
03:45 #2/5
05:23 #3/5
06:23 #4/5
07:53 #5/5
09:12 Honorable Mentions
10:47 ‘Deep Thoughts’

What are your favourites, or your kids’?

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