The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Review – Why you SHOULDN’T get it!

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Review – Why you SHOULDN’T get it!


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This is a fantastic bible – especially for those who want an easy way to read through the NARRATIVE of Scripture. Through the Great Adventure Timeline program by Jeff Cavins, you can focus on the STORY of Salvation without getting confused and frustrated by feeling like you need to read through ALL the books of the Bible to understand Scripture.

This Bible puts the Great Adventure Timeline framework at your fingertips every time you read it. It also has features like explanatory notes, charts, and maps to help further your study.

While there are some draw backs if you’re looking for things like: a specific translation of the Bible that is not the Revised Standard Catholic Edition, no headings or notes in your Bible, or a specific form factor – I highly recommend this Bible product and ESPECIALLY the Great Adventure Timeline program to anyone who wants to better understand the greater story of Scripture and how it applies to your life.

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