The One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop

The One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop

Directed By: Joshua Newton
Produced By: Glorianna Yee
Interviewers: Glorianna Yee, Emily Newton, Joshua Newton
Edited By: Joshua Newton, Glorianna Yee
Filmed By: Joshua Newton

Music: ( “Newsbackline,” “Ticktock,” “Chase.”
Kevin Macleod: “Achaidh Cheide Celtic.”
Benjamin Powell, DataLoss: “Reflections.”

Special Thanks:
-Glorianna Yee: For volunteering her time and effort to critique, edit, interview people, offer ideas, schedule interviews, and overall keeping the movie on the ground and moving forward.
-Emily Newton: For volunteering to help critique, interview people, and brainstorm ideas to help the movie progress.
-Mr. and Mrs. Schwabauer: For their support and assistance in the making of this project
-Alex Bateman and Ed Judkins: For providing teaching and equipment for the making of this movie.
-The One Year Adventure Novel faculty and staff.
-The Mid Nazarene University faculty and staff.
-Lightworks Video Editor.

A huge thank you to the students, parents, and others featured in this movie. Thank you for your help in making this documentary a success!

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