The Untold Truth Of Adventure Time

The Untold Truth Of Adventure Time

Although it airs on the kid-friendly Cartoon Network, Adventure Time has become a favorite of viewers of all ages. Creator Pendleton Ward actually first pitched the show to Nickelodeon, who turned it down, but the series has had 10 successful seasons on Cartoon Network, and its fan base only continues to grow. Whether you’re new to the series or you’ve been watching from the beginning, there might be a lot you don’t know about this wildly popular cartoon. From how Bill Murray inspired one of the characters to the origin of that banana voice, let’s take a look at the untold truth of Adventure Time.

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Pitch perfect | 0:00
Accidental apocalypse | 1:33
Eating disorder | 2:35
Lumpy identity | 3:28
Banana voices | 4:11
The Bill Murray connection | 4:49
Niki Yang | 5:40
Self-demoted | 6:48
The secret snail | 7:25

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