Top 10 Best Action and Adventure Thriller Books of All Time

Top 10 Best Action and Adventure Thriller Books of All Time

Hey everyone! Welcome to Mystery Tribune Top 10 series where we introduce you to some of the best crime, mystery and thrillers out there. Today’s we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Best Crime and Mystery Books of All Time.

From novels by Clive Cussler and Lee Child to other contemporary authors, these title will delight any mystery fan.

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Having your own business is one big adventure. Make the most of it by intentionally inviting opportunities to go on a new adventure.

You may be thinking, adventure? Who has time for adventure? I’m trying to run a business here!

Adventure isn’t just for vacations. And it doesn’t have to mean jumping off a cliff with nothing but cloth strapped to your back, or riding the wild whitewater in some exotic place.

Our word-y friends over at Merriam-Webster define adventure as an unusual and exciting experience or activity.

Adventure is anything new that excites you into action. And hey, doesn’t that define the entrepreneur’s ride?

Adventure can mean creating a new cool product to offer your clients and customers. It can mean launching a new website. It can mean stepping into a new role as a leader of your own team after being a solopreneur.

You hit the adventure road every time you move into a new area, where it’s maybe not so comfortable. You may not run across giant spiders like Indiana Jones did, but you may venture into some territory that’s a little scary.

And that’s actually a really good thing.

Experimenting with new and exciting things – adventuring, really – is the only way to grow and expand your business (and you grow and expand right along with it!).

Adventure is embedded in your entrepreneur experience.

Adventure can be something you cultivate, as a way to energize and inspire you.

You don’t have to limit adventure to what happens in the office. You can spice things up by being intentional about adding it.

Last June, I was honored to teach a group of South African entrepreneurs.

It was a great adventure. It had the usual elements of new places, new people. And it certainly was unusual and exciting (especially when a troop of baboons ran through our meeting space!).

It was also intentional. I had heard about the Good Work Foundation on a previous (adventure) trip to South Africa. I actively followed up and developed a relationship with the awesome people there. Out of that came my coaching opportunity.

Intentional travel is incredibly enriching, and it’s something you can build into your business. You’ll expand your experience, sureFree Web Content, and you’ll expand your impact.

Are you called to adventure?

Of course you are! You’re an entrepreneur!