Top 10 MUST READ Comic Books!

Top 10 MUST READ Comic Books!

Gem counts down the TOP 10 MUST READ COMIC BOOKS based off of a poll we conducted in our FaceBook group: GEMINITES! Regardless of the order, these are all great books that any comic reader should read at least once in their lifetime!

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Like Frank Zappa said, ‘so many
books, so little time’! And that precious quote couldn’t be truer for the
contemporary generation. From graphic novels to biographies, the voracious
reader’s personal library is like a polychrome of different genres of reading
delights. Much of this enthusiasm is, however, curbed by the frenetic lives
that today’s generation leads – tending to office work, travelling and
socializing leaves little time to actually step into a book store, sift through
the shelves and select that dream novel. To the rescue of such hapless and woeful
readers comes the online business of retailing books
that makes every ardent bookworm, a happy person.

Online business of books spells simplification

Everything that anyone needs is a
click away, in this modernistic world that is driven my convenience, ease and
advancement. These three pilasters have generated a league of new buyers, a
global community that believes in quick resolutions to their shopping pleasures.
And this development in turn has behaved as the fulcrum that supports the
venture of book-trade on the internet. Merchants now prefer to allow fans to
book or in some cases even pre-order their beloved sagas and series. To sell online
automatically implies some liberties that are unlike any traditional retail
stores. The most important of these is the physical space that is needed to
display all the books is replaces by virtual catalogues that make browsing
easy. Consumers can easily browse through the sections, and traders do not even
need to allot actual room for the same.

Sell online books in a way that is akin to the actual experience

The suitability of such
storefronts is a two-way street. The tradesperson gets the opportunity to
showcase all his journals, magazines, novellas, and even handbooks
uncomplicatedly. A good website layout and the inclusion of breadcrumbs, can
aid the potential customer to peruse through the categories. Any online
business should be user-centric and intuitive, and if the same has to be
applied to merchandising books, then such categories and sections are a must.
Several enterprises prefer to provide filters like price range, ‘paperback’ and
‘hardback’, genre segments and much more, which makes it a breeze for the
reader to pick his book. Chances are that a maximum number of buyers have come
to the site with a specific book or at least a certain type of reading material
already in mind.

Online business of books has many perks

Bookstore chains still have their
steadfast patrons. There’s nothing that beat the pleasure of riffling through
the aisles and picking up a promising read. However, there’s always the
inherent possibility of the book not being able to live up to your expectations.
Thankfully, many bookstores that sell online
provide summaries, descriptions and reviews from the vendees themselves that
makes the purchasing experience more engaging and satisfying. The added advantages
for those who prefer such shopping are the probabilities of availing of
fantastic offers, deals and discounts that are seldom found in real world

Sell online E-books to cater to the new-age reader

The fluctuations in economy and
the general ease of handling e-books have made their production a booming
business. This format change has made reading material accessible to the
masses, nullifying the issues of storage and handling. Several acclaimed
publishing brands and authors of repute have acknowledged the power of reaching
out to millions of individuals via e-books. 
This has created newer avenues for the online business of books. World-wide
surveys indicate that this avant-garde fashion of keeping up with reading habits
is likely to soon exceed 50% of total sales of books, thanks to the
immeasurable success of portable devices.