Top 15 NEW Indie Games Still Coming In 2021 – Part 2

Top 15 NEW Indie Games Still Coming In 2021 – Part 2

So far 2021 has seen an abundance of awesome indie game releases. In this video, we take a look over our Top 15 best looking upcoming indie games still possibly launching in 2021 that you might not have heard of.

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Top 15 NEW Upcoming Indie Games Still Possibly Coming in 2021 You Might Not Have Heard Of:
00:00 – Intro
00:25 – 15: Goodbye Volcano High:
01:16 – 14: The Chronicler:
01:54 – 13: Nobody Saves the World:
02:47 – 12: Coffee Noir:
03:39 – 11: Moonglow Bay:
04:51 – 10: Happy Game:
05:25 – 9: There is No Light:
05:57 – 8: The Plane Effect:
06:56 – 7: Lake:
07:39 – 6: She Dreams Elsewhere:
08:35 – 5: The Magnificent Truffle Pigs:
09:37 – 4: Loot River:
10:47 – 3: Weird West:
11:49 – 2: Radio the Universe:
12:43 – 1: Ynglet: Ynglet Demo:

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